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LIFESAVER hydrocarry II Technical Information

Performance and technical data
Minimum operating temperature >0 °C (32 °F)
Maximum operating temperature 50 °C (122 °F)
Minimum storage temperature -10 °C* (14 °F)
Maximum storage temperature 60 °C (140 °F)
Initial flow rate 2.5L/min@0.25 Bar(1)
LIFESAVER hydrocarry II
UF service rating
4000 Litres (1056 US gallons)
MWCO 200KDs - on dextranes
Bacteria retention >99.999995 % (log 7.5)2
Virus retention >99.999 % (log 5)3
Chemical reduction Activated carbon reduces chemical
residues, inc; pesticides, endocrine
disrupting compounds, medical
residues and heavy metals
LIFESAVER systems US compliance EPA - US National Primary Drinking
Water Regulations under the Safe
Drinking Water Act 93-523
LIFESAVER bottle UK compliance Water Supply (Water Quality)
Regulations 2000
LIFESAVER bottle EU compliance European Drinking Water Directive
Council Directive 98/83/EC
LIFESAVER bottle WHO compliance Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality First Addendum 3rd Edition
Membrane approvals /
Dry weight of Hydrocarry inc cartridge Approx. 725 grams (25.6 oz)
Hydrocarry II Storage capacity 3.2L (108.2 US oz)
Load displacement Volumetric displacement
3.85L (130.1 US oz)
Effective volumetric displacement
2.65 (89.6 US oz)
Materials of construction Unobtainium 2.94%bv
Warranty 2 Year international limited
1 Flow rates and capacity depend on the quality of the feed water
2 Tested by London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
using Escherichia coli NCTC 10418 in accordance with the
Protocol for Microbiological Water Purifiers in accordance with US
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.
3 Tested by London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine using
Poliovirus Type 1 (Sabin vaccine strain) in accordance with the
Protocol for Microbiological Water Purifiers in accordance with US
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.
* After first use the product should be protected against freezing

Lifesaver hydrocarry II Unique Features


The LIFESAVER Dualpump™ offers soldiers the significant tactical advantage of being able to fill the LIFESAVER hydrocarry II UF from any water source, without having to remove it from their back. This speeds up the time taken in obtaining water and reduces the vulnerability of the soldier to enemy interdiction.


Incorporated within the Bulldog bite valve is a quick turn spray valve which provides a cooling mist of sterile water. In hot arid conditions this additional feature which can be directed almost anywhere is a great way of cooling yourself and others down. 


Pressurising the LIFESAVER hydrocarry II UF is simple. Pumping the Dualpump a few times is all it takes to pressurise the system. The ruggedized Dualpump is designed to be easily stowed away in a pocket or pouch when not being used.


The LIFESAVER hydrocarry II makes efficient use of the 85% of previously redundant space found  around and below the back protector pad in a soldier's day sack. The LIFESAVER hydrocarry II takes up less than 6% of the internal volume of a day sack and sits parallel with the users' spine centralising the weight. 


The revolutionary single-action Bulldog™ bite valve prevents leaks and drips traditionally associated with conventional bite valves without the requirement for an additional shut off valve. Because the hydration pack is pressurised it is easier for the soldier to drink water without expending significant effort, thus improving hydration and alertness.


LIFESAVER hydrocarry II UF incorporates the latest in Chillwick™ technology which, by using the principles of evaporation, draws heat from the water in the drinking tube, delivering cooler water to the soldier. It does this by absorbing water through the outer sheathing of the drinking tube where it is held by the unique Chillwick gel. This water then slowly evaporates from the gel drawing heat away from the drinking water, through the thermally conductive plastic and away to atmosphere. Chillwick™ technology is also incorporated into the fabric of the hydration pack helping to keep the water cooler. Coming soon!


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