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LIFESAVER sponsor two guys as they walk 10,000 miles


In March, LIFESAVER sponsored a charity project called Borderwalk. The project sees two individuals spending three years walking over 10,000 miles across 21 countries, from Cardiff (South Wales) to Cardiff (New South Wales, Australia). This journey has already begun.

The two will cross areas such as the Eastern European forest, Kazakhstan Plains, Taklamaka Desert, Tibetan Plateau, Himalayas, Vietnamese Jungle and the East Australian coast.

They are carrying all of their equipment with them, and will be camping and sourcing their food and water locally. The water they source will be filtered using two LIFESAVER bottle 6000uf.

All money raised from the project will go to several charities (including WaterAid) to help fund eco projects and for the provision of clean water for communities world-wide.

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