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LIFESAVER provides nutrition centre in Dominican Republic with safe drinking water

LIFESAVER recently donated a LIFESAVER Aid jerrycan to the Seeds of Hope (SOH), a non-profit organisation based in the US but who provide help in the form of medical supplies, donated food, clothes, job skill assistance, adoption of families and building houses to the people of the Dominican Republic.

Working with the Sisters of Schoenstatt in La Victoria, DR, Seeds of Hope help support a Nutrition Centre where those with Medical knowledge volunteer their time and skills to monitor various childrens' nutrition levels. The Sisters review the children most in need and their families are nominated to be adopted by SOH.

Seeds of Hope approached LIFESAVER as they didn't have access to clean running water, which is paramount to a child's well-being.  

LIFESAVER now provides the Nutrition Centre with clean safe drinking water to support all the hard work done by SOH and the Sisters.


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