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LIFESAVER launch two new products at DSEi 2011

13-Sep-2011 On 13th September, LIFESAVER launch two exciting new products at DSEi 2011 (Excel Exhibition Centre, London).

– LIFESAVER hydrocarry II™

Innovative design that integrates with existing dismounted soldier load carriage solutions.

The result of two years Research and Development with militaries around the world, LIFESAVER hydrocarry II is designed specifically for the dismounted soldier. This unique system integrates within the existing standard issue military daysack taking up just 6% of the volume while providing 4000 litres of instant, sterile drinking water without the use of chemicals. Using the same World Class filtration technology as our other products this unit performs like a traditional bladder pack, with a storage capacity of three litres but with the key benefit of allowing the user to harvest water from any source, sterilise and consume (or share) it instantly.

It dramatically reduces carried weight on the man and provides quantifiable improvements in OPSEC (Operations Security); through increased operational longevity and reduced demands upon supply chain support.

Filled using the integrated Dual Pump™ which quickly draws water up into the pack via a hose, the system never needs to be removed from the daysack and does not require cleaning. Codenamed “Gotham” the future of safe, instant, tactical water filtration has arrived.


Low cost, mid-term emergency water solution for disaster situations.

LIFESAVER’s famous technology is also packed into the tiny LIFESAVER cube, a 20cm3 sized container designed specifically for immediate and bulk distribution in disaster affected areas; providing an instant and mid-term supply of drinking water. The LIFESAVER cube is both low cost and easily portable; enabling organisations involved in disaster response to store pre-packed pallets within a small area and transport them very easily to the point of need. One standard shipping pallet of Cubes weighs just 150kgs and provides 1.5 million litres of fresh water; sufficient for 600 peoples’ needs over more than two years. 

The LIFESAVER cube is the new solution in the fight against water poverty.


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