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LIFESAVER team up with H20 Savers to bring the LIFESAVER jerrycan to remote Malaysian villages

14-Oct-2011 Launched in Malaysia in October 2011, the LIFESAVER jerrycan Project is a program run by the Rural Development Ministry of Malaysia in collaboration with H2O Saver Sdn. Bhd.

A total of 50 rural Malaysian villages will be covered under this program; 25 of those villages in Peninsula Malaysia and the other 25 located in Sarawak.

LIFESAVER found upon visiting these villages that heavy reliance was placed on rain water or river water as the villagers’ only source of drinking water. This water was being pumped directly into their villages. With rain and sunshine throughout the year, the water received after a rain shower was contaminated.

Demonstrating to the villagers how the LIFESAVER jerrycans worked, and how their source of drinking water could be turned into sterile, safe drinking water within seconds, left many of the villagers in absolute amazement as they realised they no longer had any need to drink contaminated water.

Alongside the guarantee of sterile, safe drinking water provided by the LIFESAVER jerrycan, these villagers received other health benefits such as: a deworming campaign, general medical check up, blood glucose and haemoglobin tests as well as an eye screening examination. These checks were performed in all 50 villages.

It is the LIFESAVER team’s hope to continue this wonderful working relationship with H2O Savers  to help eradicate water poverty.


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